Good News; it will not be long until we start the restoration works on site. Spring is in the air […]
My houseplants help me to keep perspective. Just like everybody else, sometimes the little things turn into big things and […]
As I write this blog it is exactly a year since we welcomed people into the Italian Gardens for our […]
Blog for #NationalHouseplantWeek When I was a small curly haired child, time with my Dad was super precious. As a […]
On March the 24th 2019, we were struck by the unprecedented and unexpected global COVID-19 pandemic and a national lockdown […]
Well this wasn’t the year any of us planned but here at team South Cliff Gardens we feel we still […]
Well, it is Christmas, after all…
Scarborough South Bay
October being the month most associated with magic and mystery has got me thinking of the place that nature has […]
Scarborough’s budding young nature photographers win national competition, highlighting UK biodiversity. In partnership with Scarborough’s South Cliff Gardens, art-science charity […]
Lady in a blue dress
We have worked with a plethora of talented and creative people over the Summer holidays to deliver a program of […]