Spooky Christmas
The Victorians established lots of traditions around Christmas from the sending of Christmas cards to playing party games but one […]
Autumn leaves
An enchanting short video celebrating autumn in South Cliff Gardens.
This summer we have been very proud to collaborate with art-science charity Invisible Dust and their commissioned artist Feral Practice […]
Scarborough’s budding young nature photographers win national competition, highlighting UK biodiversity. In partnership with Scarborough’s South Cliff Gardens, art-science charity […]
Litter picking
It’s a pleasure to be in the gardens whatever the time of the year but for me it’s now when […]
Pick your rosehips. Typically ready around September to December, and when they are a deep bright red. Wash the hips […]
It’s been a very challenging year up to now. We had a late start to gardening due to the virus […]
Guest blog from the North East Coastal Observatory. Did you know that the North East Coastal Observatory operates three wave […]
Victoria Thompson – Project Officer Whilst clearing out some dusty old clutter in her house, my sister recently came across […]
There are 27,000 different species of insect in the UK alone and they are essential for the continued health of any green space, be it public park or private back garden.