Construction Works to Date (July 24th August 20th)

Progress has continued to be made on the construction of the new community building within the gardens, ‘Beeforth’s Hive’. During the past month the progress has included:

  • Block work continuing and installation of insulation and damp proof course.
  • Water main reconnected and water now available within the gardens.
  • Cored through walls in preparation for drainage.
  • Steel work painted with ‘Black Jack’ bitumen paint (for weatherproof protection)
  • Wall plates and joists all installed.
  • Drainage started in soak away area.
  • Remaining drainage on order in preparation for installation.

Area 22 Steps Progress

  • Steps removed, full area dug out and trimmed with Type 1 stone up to the tunnel entrance.
  • Scaffold set up on the wall adjacent to the tunnel. Trial holes have been dug, the area trimmed down and inspected.
  • Awaiting inspection for ground pinning.

Area 18 Steps Progress

  • Area fenced off and footway closure put in place.
  • Installation of new conservation steps and tactile pavers completed on Stage 1.
  • Installation of crazy paving, boulders and tactile pavers completed on Stages 2, 3 & 4.
  • Reconstruction of footways around new tactile paving to be completed imminently.

Area 19 Steps Progress

  • Footway closures and diversions put in place.
  • Work started on digging out the landings.
  • Scaffold handrails installed

Tunnel on the North Side of the Cliff Lift Progress

  • Area marked out and fenced off with footway diversions. Started dig in area to new footway.
  • Buried steps found in front of the tunnel, all of which have been exposed.
  • Fencing next to Cliff Lift removed and dig to expose existing drainage to be removed completed.
  • All steps exposed and manhole removed to be rebuilt.
  • Existing footways saw cut and dug out to install concrete footing for new setts.
  • New setts installed past the Spa Building; also installing new setts from Valley Bridge towards the tunnel.

Elsewhere on site, progress is ongoing with the restoration works on shelter numbers 1, 2, 5, 6, 8 and 13.

Shelter 1 Progress

  • The erection of heras fencing around the shelter to ensure safe clearance for pedestrians.
  • Exterior scaffolding erected around the shelter to create safe works access.
  • Removal of tree at the rear of the shelter (carried out in full compliance with ecology and environmental legislation) and two metre wide strip of vegetation cut back around the perimeter of the shelter.
  • Roof removed and shelter inspected.
  • Hand digging of a trench around the shelter in readiness for new drainage installation.
  • Cut out timbers and replaced with new timbers.
  • Installation of tongue and groove match boarding below windows. New timber also installed around windows.

Shelter 2 Progress

  • Area checked for any environmental activity prior to start of work.
  • Heras fencing erected to ensure safe clearance for pedestrians and scaffolding erected to create safe works access. Propping also set up.
  • Roof tiles removed (taken back to compound) and as much timber as possible retained with the shelter being a listed building.
  • Timber cladding and benches removed to expose rear wall.
  • Steel frame inspection shows the shelter to be approximately 80mm out of plumb. Steel work currently being manufactured.

Shelter 5 Progress

  • Area checked for any environmental activity prior to start of work.
  • Area next to existing doorway fenced off and door removed.
  • Inside area inspected and door area boarded up securely.
  • Shelter inspection completed.

Shelter 6 Progress

  • Area checked for any environmental activity prior to start of work.
  • Heras fencing erected to ensure safe clearance for pedestrians and scaffolding erected to create safe works access.
  • Roof removed and area power washed.
  • Shelter inspection completed.
  • Render removed from around the shelter, along with rainwater guttering and downpipes.

Shelter 8 Progress

  • Steel work installed and roof beam jacked up to straighten it.
  • Posts grouted in and concreted to the correct levels.
  • Brick work removed on wall and shelter prepared to receive new windows.
  • Timber removed from the roof and replaced with new.

Shelter 13 Progress

  • Footway to the shelter closed for safety reasons (the footway ends at the shelter).
  • Two metre wide strip of vegetation removed around the perimeter of the shelter.
  • Exterior scaffolding erected around the shelter to create safe works access.
  • Shingles removed from shelter roof followed by an inspection.
  • New plinth stones ordered.

Clock Tower Progress

  • Exterior scaffolding has been erected around the tower to create safe works access, whilst heras fencing has also been erected to ensure safe clearance for pedestrians. A survey of the tower has been completed and restoration work will proceed one the results of that have been determined.

Site Visit for Friends of South Cliff

We were delighted to support a recent site tour for the Friends of South Cliff community group.

Eighteen members of the group were in attendance for the tour which was led by Vicky Thompson (South Cliff National Lottery Heritage Fund Project Officer) and supported by our Community Manager, Brendon Smurthwaite, who was on hand to represent PBS.

The tour took in visits to the various shelters which are currently being restored (including both shelters in the popular Italian Gardens), the new community building (Beeforth’s Hive) which is under construction, the Italian Steps, the tunnel underneath the cliff lift and the site of the new

children’s play area.

Vicky gave some great insight into the scope of the works and PBS heritage joiner, Neil Holland, also chatted to the group members about the work being carried out on Shelter 1, a lot of which is being done using traditional methods.

The tour was a success for all concerned and the plan is to hold one every month throughout the duration of the project. Tours are also being organised for the South Cliff Community Group on a regular basis.

Public drop-in session

The latest of our monthly contractor drop-in sessions was held on August 26th at the Crown Spa Hotel on the Esplanade. Pete Smurthwaite (Chairman), Alan Clarke (Site Manager) and Gideon Ghio (Assistant Supervisor) were in attendance and met local residents who were keen to find out more about the restoration of the gardens.

It was great to meet people who are so enthusiastic about the gardens and hopefully an enjoyable afternoon was had by all who came along (we certainly enjoyed it!)

Drop-in Sessions

We will be holding monthly drop-in sessions throughout the project on the last Thursday of each month. Our next session will be held on Thursday 30th September (1:00 to 3:00pm) at the Crown Spa Hotel which is situated on The Esplanade in Scarborough (postcode: YO11 2AG). If anyone has any queries regarding the project they’ll be more than welcome to come along.


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