Just behind the Holbeck Clock Tower on the Esplanade lies the Putting Green. Opened in 1925 it was the first of its kind in Scarborough and remains an enduring attraction in part due to its magnificent views out to sea.

The Putting Green also boasts one of the gardens famous shelters, a large and visually impressive structure which was added to the site in 1928 as an enhancement and which still helps to ensure that visitors enjoy this area of the gardens even when the green is not in use.

Just below the Putting Green is a viewing point for the Star Map which also has magnificent views out to see and of local landmarks, prominently Scarborough Castle and the lighthouse, making it a great spot for photographs.

Fun Fact: The first public pitch and put course in the UK opened on the front in Southend, Portsmouth in 1914 and started the trend for pitch and put sites at seaside locations.