• Pick your rosehips. Typically ready around September to December, and when they are a deep bright red.
  • Wash the hips then cut in half and remove the seeds. Although the seeds can be used rose hips also contain little hairs that can be an irritant!
  • Put the hips in the oven on a low heat around 110 degrees centigrade for around 2/3 hours until they are bone dry.
  • Let the hips cool and put in a blender, pulse until small pieces. You can sieve them at this point to remove any more hairs.
  • Store in an air tight jar. For tea put around a teaspoon of the dried hips in a strainer with hot water and enjoy.


  • Rosehips have been found to contain twenty times the amount of Vitamin C in oranges.
  • Latin name for rosehips is Rosa Canina.

Guest blog by local forager Martha Cattell


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