It’s been a very challenging year up to now. We had a late start to gardening due to the virus restrictions when all gardening duties were suspended early spring, so we’ve been playing catch up most of the season.

It has however had its upsides as well, it’s great to see the gardens getting used a lot more this year. I recently had a conversation with a gentleman who until this year had never been to South Cliff gardens in all the 76 years he’s lived in Scarborough. Hopefully we will have a lot more fans of the gardens. 

We’ve received lots of compliments for the bedding displays from residents and visitors alike which is always nice hear, a lot of hard work goes into the flower beds and to hear it’s appreciated makes it all worthwhile. As I write this some of the flowerbeds have past their best now, with it being a fairly wet end to the summer some of the beds have finished early. We try to keep an equal balance with the beds, using plants that like it hot and dry in some beds while in others we use plants that prefer wetter and cooler conditions. So depending on what sort of a season we have decides which beds do best. I just wish weeds were as fussy.

Towards the end of September and early October all the flower beds will be emptied and prepared for the spring seasonal bedding. We try to get them planted before the cold and wet weather of autumn and winter arrives, it gives the plants a chance to get some roots established into the ground while there’s still a bit of warmth in the soil in readiness for what winter throws at us.



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