Welcome to the 10h edition of this monthly project newsletter.

Works are being carried out at South Cliff Gardens which is included on The Historic England ‘Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England.’ The aim of the scheme is to rejuvenate the existing South Cliff Gardens and restore them to their former glory.

The scheme has received a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant of £4,665,700 with an additional £105,000 also being raised by local community groups.

Overview of the Works

The aim of this scheme is to rejuvenate the existing South Cliff Gardens and restore them to their former glory. The scheme has received substantial funds from the National Lottery Community and Heritage Funds with money also being raised by local community groups.

The full project comprises of the construction of a new maintenance and community hub, along with general refurbishment and landscaping upgrades to the existing South Cliff Park. The project also includes refurbishment work to the existing tunnel, currently closed off to the public under the funicular railway.

Construction Works to Date (December 11th – January 28th)

Progress has continued to be made on the construction of the new community building within the gardens, ‘Beeforth’s Hive’. During the past month the progress has included:

  • All block work now complete and cavity fully cleaned
  • All purlins and straps installed with block word around
  • Roof installed
  • Timber frame and cement board installed
  • Work continuing on installation of external log wall. Setts now installed
  • All roller shutter frames installed
  • Internal scaffold stripped and below floor level cleaned out
  • Started wrapping of building and installing batons for cladding
  • Insulation and batons installed on floor joists; laying of floor underway
Beeforth’s Hive

Tunnel Works Progress

  • Brick samples approved and replaced
  • Tunnel floor all dug out and brick arch exposed. Remaining Helical bars installed
  • All ducting and Ac drainage installed. Water main lowed and sockets for uplighting installed
  • Floor mesh and dowels installed, slab poured

Area 16 Steps Progress

  • Footway closures and appropriate diversions put in place
  • All landings dig out and stoned up
  • South side – all steps removed and re-laid. New stone installed where required
  • North side – 50 per cent of steps re-laid and new stone installed where required

Southern Footway near the Clock Café

  • Setts installed from Area 22 past Area 18 and up to the Area 16 steps. Thresholds installed as well
  • All setts installed and pointed
  • New gully lids installed and areas of tarmacking completed
  • All gullies cleaned and drain runs jetted
  • New dry stone walling installed in various locations, including behind the Sunken Garden
Southern Footway

Shelter 2 Progress

  • Rafter repairs, fascia boards, eaves boards and roof timbers now complete
  • Timber treatment works complete
  • All steel work installed
  • Tongue & Groove boarding installed, re-installation of timber bench ongoing
Shelter 2

Shelter 6 Progress

  • Roof material now installed and complete, ready for Pergola to be re-installed
  • Repairs to pillars 50 per cent complete
Shelter 6

Shelter 10 Progress

  • Bottom half of shelter removed and shelter lifted out of the way
  • Existing concrete pad removed, area dug out and stoned up
  • Area shuttered and new concrete base poured
Shelter 10

Shelter 12 Progress

  • Works started on replacing roof rafters
  • Window removed and being rebuilt
  • Rotten posts cut out to expose concrete footing
  • Exposed and cut out side panel, bench removed
  • All roof works complete
  • Rear base end panels removed and replaced
  • Bench works complete
Shelter 12

Memorial Shelter Progress

  • Area fenced off and vegetation stripped back
  • All pointing raked out and re-pointed. Wing walls stripped back ready for cleaning
  • Drainage channels removed and drains cleaned
Memorial Shelter

Lost Shelter Progress

  • Area dug out and all buried rocks removed
  • Lost Shelter area set out and levelled off
  • Upper wall completed and all rocks at the rear cleaned and tidied
  • Boulders removed, trees cut down (carried out in full compliance with ecology and environmental legislation), works area stripped off and survey completed
  • All boulders installed and soil put back
  • All setts now installed, area stoned up and tarmacked to correct level
Lost Shelter

Shelter 18 (new toilet block) Progress

  • Scaffold installed and Heras fencing installed around the building
  • All shelters now fully stripped out
  • Roof inspected
  • All timber cladding on building removed. Plywood soffit and all internal ceilings also removed
Shelter 18

Elsewhere across the project, work is continuing on:

  • Shelter numbers 1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 11 & 13
  • Area 18 Steps
  • Area 19 Steps
  • The Clock Tower
  • Footway north of the tunnel
  • Land drainage
  • Area 22 steps & footway

Record attendance for January site tour!

We hosted our regular site tour for the public earlier this month and were delighted to see around 40 people brave the January cold to come along. Back in December we welcomed 20 people on our tour so to see that number doubled was amazing!

Neil Holland (PBS Heritage Joiner), Jamie Kerman (PBS Site Supervisor), Tony Meehan (Director at Set in Stone), Brendon Smurthwaite (PBS Community Manager) and Gemma Alexander (South Cliff Gardens Community Engagement Officer) were on hand to lead the tour and explain the progress that has been made.

An update on the new community building (Beeforth’s Hive), a look at the ‘Lost Shelter’ and a visit to the tunnel which runs underneath the Cliff Lift were just some of the highlights of the afternoon.

PBS Site Tour

Coastline Sight & Hearing Group welcomed to site

Also this month we welcomed Daniel Swain, a trustee of the Coastline Sight & Hearing Community, to site for another visit. Daniel has visited a couple of times previously and was eager to come along and catch up on the progress being made on the project. Brendon Smurthwaite (PBS Community Manager) gave Daniel a guided tour which also included the opportunity to record information regarding the latest footpath closures; this will be then shared with everyone who is part of the Coastline Sight & Hearing Community as many of its members are regular visitors to the gardens. It was great to have Daniel along and we look forward to welcoming him back again in the future.

Coastline Sight and Hearing Community Site Visit

Getting to know……Emily Wainwright

Each month in this newsletter we’ll be shining the spotlight on a member of the PBS site staff working on the restoration project. This month it’s the turn of Emily Wainwright, PBS’s Buyer, to step into the spotlight.

Q. How did you get into construction and can you outline your role at PBS? I got into Construction following on from a previous role looking after the Streetworks side of things for the Council. I then went onto a Traffic Management Company which led me to taking an interest in the actual works side of things and wanting to explore that and expand my knowledge.My main role at PBS is purchasing everything we need to get the jobs done, in line with the specifications, lead in times and, of course, at the best price!

Q. If you hadn’t have chosen construction, which career path might you have followed? Before I joined PBS it was looking like I may have followed the Streetworks side of things. I have never really known exactly what I wanted to do career wise – I thought I wanted to be a hairdresser just before I left school but that quickly changed and I did a Business Administration apprenticeship which eventually led me onto where I am today.  

Q. What would your advice be to a young person looking to go into construction? It is a very interesting and rewarding industry to be in so I am sure it can lead to a great long lasting career for anyone that is interested and willing to work hard to achieve what they want in life.

Q. What has been the most interesting project you’ve worked on? Well surely I have got to say Scarborough for that one, haha!

Q. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. I have met the Queen and gave her flowers.

Q. What type of music do you have on in your car? I like a wide range of music so one minute I can be listening to James Arthur, and the next Dizzee Rascal will be blasting out!

Q. How do you fill your spare time? I love cooking, walking and binge watching Netflix series’ at the moment in the colder months. In the summer I love going to music festivals, and I’m hoping to get a beach holiday in this year too.

Q. What is your ideal meal? If it is a 3 course meal we are talking about I would choose garlic mushrooms for starter, a nice fillet steak (rare) with chunky triple cooked chips for main and chocolate fudge cake with cream for dessert (washed down with a bottle of prosecco of course).

Monthly Site Tour

We will be hosting a monthly site tour on the last Thursday of every month throughout the duration of the project. Our next tour will be held between 1-2pm on Thursday February 24th. All are welcome. Anyone who would like to come on the tour should meet at the Clock Tower just before 1pm. Please note that these tours will include walking on uneven paths and surfaces, inclines and steps and may be unsuitable for those with mobility issues.

Free family activity for half term.

Considerate Constructors Scheme

This project has been registered under the Considerate Constructors Scheme, which means that we will agree to abide by the Code of Considerate best practice beyond statutory requirements.  Alongside this we have registered with The Considerate Constructors Scheme who are working with the Lighthouse Club, the Construction Industry Charity to promote the Construction Industry Helpline.  The Construction Industry Helpline operates 24/7 and provides practical support on occupational health and mental wellbeing, access to support on legal, tax and debt management matters and also grants emergency financial aid to construction families in crisis.

Meet the PBS Site Team


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Community Liaison Manager Contact Details

Brendon Smurthwaite

Community Liaison Manager

PBS Construction (North East) Ltd

1 Trinity Street, Hull, HU3 1JR

Office:  01482 211132

Email:  brendon.smurthwaite@pbsconstruction.co.uk


Head Office: 1 Trinity Street, Hull, HU3 1JR

Phone: 01482 211132

Email: info@pbsconstruction.co.uk

“We are looking forward to delivering this scheme for the town of Scarborough and the local community.”



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