Works are being carried out at South Cliff Gardens which is included on The Historic England ‘Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England.’ The aim of the scheme is to rejuvenate the existing South Cliff Gardens and restore them to their former glory.

The scheme has received a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant of £4,665,700 with an additional £105,000 also being raised by local community groups.

Overview of the Works

The aim of this scheme is to rejuvenate the existing South Cliff Gardens and restore them to their former glory. The scheme has received substantial funds from the National Lottery Community and Heritage Funds with money also being raised by local community groups.

The full project comprises of the construction of a new maintenance and community hub, along with general refurbishment and landscaping upgrades to the existing South Cliff Park. The project also includes refurbishment work to the existing tunnel, currently closed off to the public under the funicular railway.

Construction Works to Date (October 15th – November 19th)

Progress has continued to be made on the construction of the new community building within the gardens, ‘Beeforth’s Hive’. During the past month the progress has included:

  • Internal and external blockwork on building ongoing
  • Roller shutter frames have now been installed
  • Stone installed around building to level
  • Kerbs laid around soak away area and to the rear of the building. Soil put into area for planting
  • Timber log retaining wall being installed
  • External drainage outlet for land drain around the building now installed
  • Kerb raft installed on Rose Garden side and kerbs now being installed
  • New kerb raft installed for setts
  • Fire stop installation complete
  • Footway dug out next to feeder pillar and stoned up. Concrete raft has been laid and setts installed

Footway North of the Tunnel Progress/Spa Bridge Detail

  • Log retaining wall and new footway installed. Setts and boulders being installed as well
  • Logs installed to tunnel entrance, along with setts
  • Ongoing installation of thresholds at Spa Bridge
  • New fan detail at southern entrance to Spa Bridge now installed and grouted
  • Existing steps removed, area dug out and trimmed with type one stone up to the tunnel entrance
  • Old pointing on wall adjacent to the tunnel ground out and repointing completed. Scaffold now removed
  • Area strimmed, slope removed and re-grading complete
  • Log wall extended. Installation of new timber retaining walls, rockery edges, setts, fence posts, rails and crosses (on fence)
  • New dry stone wall now installed in front of steps

Southern Footway near the Clock Café

  • Setts installed from Area 22 Steps to area past Area 18 Steps
  • Continuing digging out for setts and installation of concrete footing
  • Setts and boulders now being laid in those areas on all different level footways
Southern Footway

Shelter 6 Progress

  • Roof beam and wall plate installed.
  • Pier mould installed and poured
  • Roof rafters installed. Ply covering started and installed on covered section
  • Render removed and work started on repairs
  • Gullies and down pipes installed
  • Started to install pergola on top of the roof beam. Removed existing to allow roofers access to cover plywood roof
Shelter 6

Shelter 8 Progress

  • Timber treatment works now complete
  • All windows installed
  • Southern roof rafter repairs/replacements complete
  • All infill timbers now complete and three boards internal complete around roof
  • Wall pan removed and replaced with new, all rafters complete
  • New fascia boards and centre posts now installed. New door frames being installed
  • Northern side internal roof now installed, along with door frames
  • Roof felted and batons also installed. Tile installation now underway
Shelter 8

Shelter 12 Progress

  • Works started on replacing roof rafters
  • Window removed and being rebuilt

Meanwhile, shelters 9, 10, 11 have all had their roof stripped down to the rafters.

Elsewhere across the project, work is continuing on:

  • Shelter numbers 1, 2, 5 and 13
  • Area 18 Steps
  • Area 19 Steps
  • The Lost Shelter
  • The Clock Tower
  • Land drainage

Wheatcroft Primary School Site Visit

Earlier this month we welcomed a Year 4 class from Wheatcroft Primary School to site for a guided tour of the restoration project. Gemma (Community Engagement Officer for South Cliff Gardens) and Brendon (PBS Construction Community Manager) led the tour which included a look at the work being carried out on some of the shelters as well as an opportunity to see the ongoing construction of ‘Beeforth’s Hive, the new community building.

There was also a chance to discuss the environmental aspects of the

restoration project with the children having a particular focus on the environment in their school work this term.

Miss Andrews, Year 4 teacher at Wheatcroft Primary, said:

We visited South Cliff Gardens to learn about how the environment is being improved. The children wanted to find out about all the work going on and were particularly interested to learn how old materials were being reused in the shelters. It was a very informative afternoon and everyone is looking forward to seeing the gardens again when the project is finished.”

Scarborough DAG Site Visit

We were delighted to welcome the Scarborough Disability Action Group down to site for a tour recently. Led by Gemma (Community Engagement Officer for South Cliff Gardens) and Brendon (PBS Construction Community Manager) the tour gave some of the group’s members a chance to see the project in progress whilst also providing observations and feedback on accessibility across the gardens. We look forward to welcoming the group down again to site in the future as the project progresses.

Civic Society Shelters Group Meeting

The Civic Society Shelters Group held a meeting earlier this month and when we were asked if we could send a representative from PBS, we were only too happy to help. Our heritage joiner, Neil, went along and provided an update on the restoration work on the shelters in the gardens, as well as answering any questions that the group had. If you’ve ever visited the South Cliff Gardens YouTube channel you’ll have seen Neil providing regular video updates on the work that himself and the team are carrying out. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates with Neil as the project progresses! In the meantime, we’d like to thank the Shelters Group and Vicky Thompson (South Cliff National Lottery Heritage Fund Project Officer) for inviting us along.

Getting to know……Peter Smurthwaite

Each month in this newsletter we’ll be shining the spotlight on a member of the PBS staff. This month it’s the turn of Peter Smurthwaite, Founder & Chairman of PBS Construction (North East) Ltd.

Q. How did you get into construction and can you outline your role at PBS?

I went to the High School for Building in Hull after I passed my 11-plus. I then went onto Hull College of Technology before starting work at 18-years-old at Stepney Contractors in Beverley who no longer exist.

Q. If you hadn’t have chosen construction, what career path might you have followed?

I thought about joining the RAF but I think I would have liked to have been a solicitor dealing in criminal law like Judge John Deed on the television

Q. What would your advice be to a young person is looking to go into construction?

Study hard, work hard, pay attention to detail and don’t be negative; always adopt a positive attitude. It’s not always necessary to chase the money as working at a good company who look after your interests is more important (as at PBS Construction).

Q. What has been the most interesting project you’ve worked on?

There are too many to think of! I prefer it when we carry out complicated bridge works, whilst the South Cliff Gardens project is also a very interesting one.

Q. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I own a football club and work for BBC Radio Humberside due to my sporting knowledge.

Q. What type of music do you have on in your car?

Artists like Neil Diamond, Elvis Presley, Deacon Blue and Adele. It’s all proper music, not the modern rubbish!

Q. How do you fill your spare time?

I don’t have any spare time really but like to take my grandchildren out and spoil them.

Q. What is your ideal meal?

Prawn cocktail, steak and chips, apple crumble and custard with a bottle of French rose wine.

Monthly Site Tour

We will be hosting a monthly site tour on the last Thursday of every month throughout the duration of the project. Our next tours will be held between 1-2pm on Thursday December 16th and Thursday January 27th. All are welcome. Anyone who would like to come on the tour should meet at the Clock Tower just before 1pm. Please note that these tours will include walking on uneven paths and surfaces, inclines and steps and may be unsuitable for those with mobility issues.

Considerate Constructors Scheme

This project has been registered under the Considerate Constructors Scheme, which means that we will agree to abide by the Code of Considerate best practice beyond statutory requirements.  Alongside this we have registered with The Considerate Constructors Scheme who are working with the Lighthouse Club, the Construction Industry Charity to promote the Construction Industry Helpline.  The Construction Industry Helpline operates 24/7 and provides practical support on occupational health and mental wellbeing, access to support on legal, tax and debt management matters and also grants emergency financial aid to construction families in crisis.

Meet the PBS Site Team


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Community Liaison Manager Contact Details

Brendon Smurthwaite

Community Liaison Manager

PBS Construction (North East) Ltd

1 Trinity Street, Hull, HU3 1JR

Office:  01482 211132



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