Could you use a little rest and relaxation this Summer? 

Over the last 18 months, many of us have had a little time to begin to slow down. With continuous lockdowns, increased alone time, and more space, we have been pushed out of our comfort zones and into a place of reflection. Some more willingly than others.

Now we’re starting to see the world open up, it’s a wonderful opportunity to continue this theme of slowing down and of taking care of ourselves. So when the fantastic Team at the South Cliff Gardens regeneration project reached out to us and asked us to offer some gentle yoga classes in the gardens this Summer, we jumped at the opportunity!

Sprinkle a little yoga onto the magic of The South Cliff Gardens

Did you know that the South Cliff Gardens were designed and built to promote wellness and wellbeing? We couldn’t imagine a nicer spot to do yoga. In the beautiful gardens, surrounded by trees and birds, and all the while looking out to the magnificent expanse of the ocean.

Add into this wonderful concoction, some gentle yoga postures, some big deep breaths and a much deserved relaxation, our Wednesday afternoons are becoming quite spectacular.

So, whether you live in the neighborhood and fancy dropping by, or you’re in Scarborough on holiday and this sounds right up your alley, come along. Everybody is welcome, and the classes are suitable for all levels, including total beginners.

Need a gentle push? Yoga on taking care of you.

Yoga has some really interesting lessons that we can apply at times when we feel like there isn’t enough time in the day, and especially when this comes down to self care.

Yoga says take care of you. Do your duties, but make sure your tanks are filled first. We wear many hats, we’re parents, employees, carers, managers, friends, neighbours.  You are in the centre of your world. You are responsible for your own happiness, what you eat, how long you sleep for, what else you consume (social media, TV, interactions with others).

When you have taken care of yourself, and feel balanced and ready to go out into the world, you have the energy to move out into the other areas of your life. To be with people and our relationships, our work and our communities. 

Giving yourself permission to take care of you is one of the hardest things to do. But the more you do it, the easier it will become.

So, if you feel the pull, and fancy dropping by for a spot of yoga, join us every Wednesday afternoon for the Summer, 2-3pm at The South Cliff Gardens. Or get in touch with Carrie from The Frog Project if you have any questions!

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