The Stage is Set for Murder

I’m delighted to be teaming up again with South Cliff Gardens in August 2022 for the paperback launch of my second cosy crime novel set in Scarborough.  And if you can’t wait for the paperback to be released in August, it’s available now in ebook, hardback and audiobook and published by Headline.

Once again, the South Cliff Gardens plays an integral role in the plot. There’s an important scene acted out in the Italian Gardens, but I’ll say no more as I don’t want to give too much away. You’ll have to read the book to find out!

The book is called CURTAIN CALL AT THE SEAVIEW HOTEL.  It’s a follow-on book to MURDER AT THE SEAVIEW HOTEL in which a troupe of 12 Elvis impersonators (Twelvis!) arrive in Scarborough for an Elvis fan convention. However, only 11 of them (Elevensis?) leave after one Elvis impersonator is murdered and has his blue suede shoes stolen. It was the landlady of the Seaview Hotel, amateur sleuth Helen Dexter, assisted by her rescue greyhound Suki, who solved the crime.   You can read my blog post about that book here:

This time, the stage is set for murder. CURTAN CALL AT THE SEAVIEW HOTEL stars an acting troupe who arrive at Helen Dexter’s Seaview Hotel to rehearse a play they hope will save a much-loved local theatre. However, the leading lady is a diva, the playwright is highly strung and tensions in the group are high. When one of the actors is found dead on the beach, landlady Helen Dexter sets out to solve the crime. And just when Helen thinks things can’t get any worse after one of her guests is murdered, the hotel inspector arrives!

While the book is the second in my cosy crime series, it can be read as a standalone and stars some fantastic characters. As well as newly widowed Helen Dexter, we also spend time with her staff at the Seaview Hotel; the cook Jean, a no-nonsense Yorkshire woman of a certain age, cleaner Sally, a single mum and college student and loquacious handyman, Gav. There are other wonderful characters who made the leap from book one to two as they were too good to throw away… or kill off. You may even spot an Elvis impersonator who refused to leave after book one, if you look closely enough.

I hope you really enjoy dipping your toes in my Scarborough cosy crime series. Just one word of advice, don’t stay at the Seaview Hotel… strange things are going on.

I hope to see you at the paperback launch on Saturday August 6th 2022. It should be a fun event!

You can watch a very short teaser video of Curtain Call at the Seaview Hotel on YouTube at

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